Mello View is set on five acres of Somerset hillside and is divided between paddocks, a large pond, two orchards, and a large terraced vegetable garden. 

Each season we use as much of our home-grown produce as we possibly can. As the trees, plants and animals mature, we hope this will be all we use to stock our larder, cook for our supper club, classes, and retreats. 




Do you like the idea of of rearing your own pig but simply don't have the space? With every litter of pigs born here at Mello View, we offer a Pig Club. You can buy a piglet and we can rear it for you for a small monthly fee. Once your piglet is ready, we will organise the slaughter, butchery, packaging and delivery.
If you'd like to try your hand at butchery, you're welcome to get involved too.
Please get in touch for more information. 



We produce our own charcuterie from Mello View pigs.
A selection of produce from our land is available to buy when you visit, including chorizo, sausages, chicken and duck eggs, fresh vegetables, homemade chutneys and jams.